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Blogs by Indian GIS Professionals and whose content is primarily focused on India.

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Agricultural Applications using Remote Sensing Crop Acreage, Yield, Health Monitoring using Remote Sensing. 
Basudeb Bhatta's Blog This blog is maintained by Dr. Basudeb Bhatta, Computer Aided Design Centre, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India. He posts very useful articles on GIS, Remote Sensing, and GNSS. 
Geographical Information System (GIS) by SBL  
Geo Intelligence India This Blog contain latest trends & emerging technologies in terms of Geographical Information System Software / Hardware / Application in India and Asia Pacific Region. 
Geospatial Survey & Mapping A resource portal and reference website for significant updates on daily basis in Surveying, Mapping, GIS, remote sensing and other converging technologies in India, while also covering updates from South & South East Asia and Middle East. We conduct webinars, workshops and conferences in survey & Mapping domain. Our weekly e-zine on every Wednesday covers significant developments besides interviews, case studies for an insight and sharing and developing best practices. 
GISAuthority We are helping GIS community by sharing our vast experience and knowledge to grow our community development. 
GIS circle GIS, RS, news & india masala  
GIS: From Tool to Technology  Think Big : Move from CAD to Real GIS 
GIS Programming Main purpose of this blog is to provide basic fundamentals of programming in GIS, some technical tips & tricks and interesting discussion on various topics using ESRI products on various languages/platform .  
GIS Resources The GIS Resources is leading “Geo-informatics and Remote Sensing ” platform with the latest news and happenings around the globe in Geospatial field. The diversity of blogs covers GIS, Remote Sensing, Geodesy, GNSS, Photogrammetry, Surveying and Mapping, Tutorials, Courses, Videos, Articles, E-books, Geo events/Conferences, Data, Maps, Press Release, Tender & RFP’s and most important job opportunities in the Geospatial domain. 
GIS Tips and Tricks This is the blog for sharing the information, knowledge about GIS, GIS Softwares, Projects, and mainly about ArcGIS Tips and Tricks..... You can find, share some important tips and trick about ArcGIS, AutoCAD Map for work fast and effectively. 
Government Surveyor Job Provides Government employment news to the people attached with geospacial industry especially to the surveyors. Blogs contains five pages like Forum, Book Store, Papers from Surveyors, Download etc. Not only that it has also provide resources like recruitment question paper, useful documents available with in the internet. 
Indian Remote Sensing and GIS Remote Sensing and GIS in India , Free GIS Data Download, Shape FIle Download, GIS Apps , GIS Tutorials, Watershed Analysis and Important GIS links , GIS PDF, Remote Sensing Video Tutorial. Maps , ArcGIS Erdas Steps. India Remote Sensing or Indian Remote Sensing 
KAIINOS Blogs KAIINOS Geospatial Technologies blog sites lists the current trends in GIS and need for GIS in various sectors and possibilities of innovations for Indian market. 
Mapping Each Unit of Earth - Challenges & Solutions: Sushanta Kabi discusses his thoughts on the industry 
My Views concept of GIS, Remote Sensing and Web Mapping/WebGIS 
Past, Present And Future Of GIS In India A good blog giving Idea about Indian GIS market potential and issues 
PlanningTank The Urban, Regional, and Rural planning knowledge base useful for professionals and students of planning course. Website provide information on various topics, theories, schemes and concepts of Urban Planning. It also provides various definitions and standards adopted by different departments, sample assignments on various topics related to urban and regional planning for reference of students. 
Questions about DGPS/RTK or Survey Equipments A blog for discussion about your doubts or questions about application and solutions for GPS/GNSS systems and other related Survey Equipments like Total Station, Theodolites, Levels, etc. 
Spatial Unlimited Google Maps API v3 examples and sample codes, GIS India news 
UNIGIS International UNIGIS International-Educating GIS Professionals Worldwide. 
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