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Privacy Policy

  • GISinIndia.com does not share personally identificable information with third-parties. Except in case of,
    • In response to a valid subpoena or other compulsory request from law enforcement
    • With permission of the affected user
    • To the legal counsel, or investigation team, when necessary for investigation of abuse complaints.
    • Where the information pertains to page views generated by a spider or bot and its dissemination is necessary to illustrate or resolve technical issues.
    • Where the user has been vandalising the content or persistently behaving in a disruptive way, data may be released to relevant authorities
  • When your email address is published on the site, your email address will be visible to anyone browsing the site. You may receive unsolicited emails/spam from third-parties. GISinIndia.com is not responsible for such emails from third-parties.
  • Third-parties or spammers may scrape email addresses or phone numbers from the website and send you unsolicited emails or calls. GISinIndia.com does not give you any guarantee to protect your email or phone number from such misuses.